In Good Company Travel asked us to design their 2015 coach tours brochure with a contemporary and clean look.


We have been working with In Good Company Travel for a number of years now, and they trust us to 'just get on with it'. We collect the initial rough text & schedule from the client and worked it up into the intital design. The client then worked with us to fine tune the text and add any last minute additional tours and amendments.


We delivered the completed artwork 2 weeks before the print deadline, which meant the client received their brochures well in advance of their launch day.

Once the final artwork was delivered to the printers we added all the tour information plus a downloadable version of the brochure to the client's website, This all went live on the official brochure launch day.

The brochures were well received by IGC Travel customers, and we've subsequently had to produce a second print run due to increased demand.