We were initially approached to design a small brochure and a complimentary set of themed leaflets for Premier Care, a provider of care services in the Greater Manchester area.


After the initial consultation and some early drafts it was quickly agreed that what they really needed was a complete brand redesign. We developed a new identity along with complete new set of brand guidelines, which were initially applied to the brochure and leaflets, and subsequently rolled out to all areas of the business.


The initial brochures were very well received and were much cleaner and more contemprary then the previous branding. We now handle not only all their Graphic Design requirements from brochures, leaflets, newsletters, press ads and all their internal documents, but also their public website and their corporate intranet and document management system.

Over the years we have been working together Premier Care has expanded into one of the leading providers of care in the comminity in the North West of England.